Sunday, February 15, 2015

Yup, it's been awhile

Seriously,  I am old, or at least aging rapidly.  It's why I am blogging (oh so passe) instead of facebooking,  I'm looking for a place to drop things that mean a lot to me.

 Why, you ask?  Well because there's  some things I really feel need to be said, yet facebook isn't the place to say them.  Know how I know that?  Simply because I've said it now and then there, and totally failed to make myself understood.

There is a reason why Personal Blogs  started, then grew, then ultimately failed-  nobody wants to actually read much more than the 140 character tweets anymore.  We've both become, and are raising an entire generation of people that truly expect instant knowledge, instant gratification, and instantaneous news and views...
 Just one click.  You can share. You didn't create it, you seem to have nothing to offer expanding it, but by God you can prove you saw it, and shared it.

And that makes me sad.  What makes me even sadder is that I instantly stopped while writing this in order to look for a perfect meme to explain what I am saying!  What happened to the idea of in depth research?

And since this is personal,  I will share my own real feelings  about how lonely this whole huge world wide web is getting. 
If a lot of your life is lived here inside the Internet,  it would be awesome if somehow, you got some acknowledgement for that.  Few of us really truly expect to suddenly go Viral or Internet Famous, but it would be cool to know that your real Worth means more than an occasional 'like'.

My point?  Is halfway between my own confusion and my attempt to help some teenagers I'm committed to because I know them and like them, and feel like they can use the help.  Wisdom:  I wish I could say I have it.  Maybe next year?