Monday, August 22, 2011

"Oh, Get Me Home, Ford.."

The title here will only resonate with those few who have watched, read, and
appriciated Douglas Adams' 'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy'.

I live by this Mantra:

So: I try not to panic, it's never seemed to accomplish much good.


I'd like to go home. Unfortunately, I don't have one.

In the interest of Purely Amusing Shit, enjoy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's About Life: Here's The Question

Looking back at your own, beLoved and Important Life,

Would you call yourself a Good Example,
or a Cautionary Tale?

I'm musing upon the differences of Life Experiences.

There's a lot going on in my own Life right now, and I'm struggling to make
sense of it all.

There's the simple, and immediate stuff like Love, Survival, and Futuristic Plans,
then there's the regular shit going on in most folks' lives like
Regrets, Worries, and the so-far unworkable desire to change History, or at least the longing to do so.
( I try not to worry about it too much myself)

Cie la vie, cie la gar...  I believe that the Past is Immutable.
(Other than the ability to learn from it.)
comes from the realization that most Folk feel the same now and then.

I'd fix the World if I could!  But it's pretty cool to figure out that I CAN, fix myself now and then.

(The above rant is brought to you by...?  Just Situations, and Conversations.  I now return you to the
Regular Magz)

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'd Like to Tell You About a 'GIG'..

Magz Definition: 'GIG' = Job, Potential. Work Commitment. Money-Making Opportunity???)

But first! Here's a really Kool Kat.
This is Mr. Curls: my only surviving AZ kitty, Curly Joe.

an awesome Pal. He does the 'Cat Thing' better than most cats do.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about my latest Gig, a possibly Lucrative Gig that's now residing on a website called Fiverr, HERE is a really off-the-wall place that I stumble across occasionally whilst Browsing.

(I LOVE the Internet! Where else can you find goofy stuff like this, eh?)

It IS for Real: it's all about sharing with others what YOU would do for
five dollars, or what you'd be willing to pay someone five dollars to do for you.

Well, Fans,
I'd like to make 5 dollars. Or even In My Dreams, have my Gig go viral and make a whole bunch of 5 dollar bills.
MY Gig is right HERE

My 'gig' is the Same Ole Thing I've Always Done. Talking to/for/about Animals.

Trying to do what I do this way, I just might be able to earn 5 bux from each and every Person that I can't actually see for Real, yet can contact virtual.
(After all? Talking about Animals is what I do best!)

So: Both of you who still read this blog? Would you consider promoting this Gig?

Since I don't 'do' Facebook, or Twitter, or even the newest 'Hot Thang' Google+,
I either have to PAY one of these Fiverrs to Tweet this for me,

Or come back to you, my good ole outdated Blog Network pals, and ask you to spread
the word about a cute, neat, fun way to 'hear' your own pets, as filtered thru a Pro Animal Trainer.
(I really do need to make a little $, and this is a very Personalized way to do so)


In Other News,

Life is kind of strange. New Mexico is pretty, but it's a hard place to make a
Living in.

My New Dog Mickey is a fine Dawg, and a blessing. She helps my last, leftover
Original Dog, Marshall Mathers,
and they seem to get along just dandy.
(Even when Mr. Marsh-Moosh, aka Slim Shady, seems to have the 'Laser Eyes' )


The only other NewsWorthy thing that I have going on is just this:

I've so far successfully raised a baby wild bird that my neighbor found in his
yard nearly a month ago.
I'm a Bird-Mom.

This Dude's name is Ak-Kak, and he appears to be a Grackle bird.

I can tell you he's loud, obnoxious, and probably related to Crows and Mynahs.

( I'm having Fun, raising him )

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh, Okay

This is for my Aunt Mimi.

Here's my Dear Neighbor's dog, Buddy. Buddy. Buddy-Dawg is cool!

He's sitting in my van in my driveway, sharing Love with me.

My Dear Neighbor's been sitting here too.. sharing BIG Love and
helping me get over some Big Losses.

My Neighbor Kay, is a New Mexico Treasure to me. She is an Ornery Ole Broad, and just what I needed.

I really love Neighbor Kay, more than I can say.
She Hosted a Suprise Birthday Party for me last month!!
(It was AMAZING: I don't think I've ever had a Suprise Party before)

She then proceded to drag my Reluctant Ass to a local Happening last weekend,
and introduced me to a friend of hers that does Animal Rescue.

(There is no local Animal Control around here, usually strays just disappear.)

This is the result of Kay's intro:
(Like I said, Kay ROCKS!)

A Lost Dog, needing Foster Care,
Who suddenly sorta moved into my Family and became Mine.

Meet Mickey, my new dog. Me and the only 2 left of my original Family
(The young dog Marshall & the Arizona Kitty named Curly)

just love her, she's a Sweetie.
Here's Curly, just loving a new dog in the Family.

You can see by the cat's face that he's just THRILLED about a new dog, huh!

The Dog Now Known As Mickey is mellow, smart, young, and already spayed.

She needs more Grooming, tho she's had her 1st bath, her 1st walk on a leash, and her 1st car ride with me in the last 3 days since I've sorta owned her
and she's really Owned me.

My young/dumb(?) Genuine Salvation Dog, Marshall..
seems to like her a lot. He needed a friend,

As did I.

It seems pretty amazing to me, that no matter how hard that God slams the doors in your face,
he seems to always leave a screened window easily accessible.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yup, it's what I say to myself, a lot. Have Some/Get Some!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Kid Was Right: My Big, OLD, Dog Is a Pussy!

Finally, it's been Proven.

They can fight, HARD, WITH EACH OTHER!!

My 2 Dawgz, AZ born n bred, are the real Rott(on) Sisters, who have have lived together all their looong Doggie lives (12 and 11 years) together with me.

They lived Mostly Peacefully, Forever Protectively, Always Alertly, Occasionally Grouchy, but always always BONDED to each other and me.

My Son's #1 Choice dog, Holly-Davidson-Doomus,
(my #1 dog Blanche's Little Sister dog)

totally WON the Serious Unexpected Fight today,
drawing much blood. Everywhere.

(These dogs have always lived together, loved each other and me,
and my Son.
Yet my son has always told me this Ultimate Dominance Fight could happen eventually, and probably would.)

Some real icky/squicky blood came from me, while I was jumping into the fight to stop it, and a bunch more gooey, gory stuff came from
my aging, pushy bitch of a Blanchedawg,
the Big Sister who most likely started it.

We had a big dog fight today.
We had a BIG dog fight today!

(It's changed everything about how the Sisters relate to each other, for the first time in a long, long time)

I'm really thankful that the old bitch Blanche still has 2 eyes, and that I still have at least
9 or 10 fingers:
that was a fight to the near death between those two.

I'm really really happy that there was a Dear Neighbor here to help me separate
them when they got into it, because it happened faster and more viciously then I ever imagined it could:
Sister Dogs, FINALLY fighting for Dominance.

I can't believe how tough my Neighbor was backing me instantly,
and how hard we both had to work to remove Teeth from Skin, owww.

Sigh. All three (four?) of us Original Farm Gals are old, and really didn't need this Drama, yanno?

Still, I can't shake the feeling that it was totally all MY FAULT for getting stressed and passing it on to my own beLoved famb, my Dawgs.

Now I really have to ask myself, 'Is this going to happen again?'
and So It Goes.

Here's my last picture of my beLoved Smitty-Kitty, who's been missing for a week today. Call her Gone, not by her own choice; she'd never leave on purpose.

Her Bro, the Curly Kitty remains, and is cool. He's underfoot even as I type. We both miss Smitty, BAD!


UPDATE, 6-17-2011

The damn dogs fought again. Worse.
They both did Major, tho possibly repairable damage to each other.
This cannot be allowed to ever happen again.

It freaked all 3 of us old broads, and I made the hardest choice of my life:
I chose NOT to shoot them myself, but to haul them to a Vet for Euthanasia.
Both of them. Going Down, Together, within seconds of each other.
$275.00, 197 lbs of dead-dog meat and a lot of heartbreak later....

They've now joined every other Good Dog In Heaven as of last week. Together in death, just as they'd always lived.

My heart is squashed like old roadkill.

R.I.P. Blanche Dog-bois and Holly Davidson. Your legacies live on in books, blogs, and pages. You were loveable puppies, and really truly awesome Dogs.
I am thankful to have known you, Love, magz

Friday, May 27, 2011


Or Does This Newly Aquired and most coveted
THINGIE Look a Little 'Weird'. (Umm, yeah Duhh, I know what it is, do You?)

Well it does look Goofy enuff for me to Document today, but by tomorrow I'll have it installed and functioning.

That's Life, in New Mexico.

I like it, mostly.

I'm Good; just missing Horses & Chickens.

My kitty catties like New Mexico,
it has Big Trees. They like climbing them.

Look close: Both Kittehs I hauled here from AZ are in this tree.
In my front yard.
You know that you can 'click' on any picture I post and see it Full Screen, right?

I feel like writing some Poetry for y'all,
My Dawgs are yelling 'HELL NO!!'


(I often listen to, but rarely take Advice from a bunch of Silly Canines)

So here's yer rhyme, made up on the spot. By me, the Magz.
Feel free to hate this, I can't care less. It's how I roll.

I be Alive most every day
Just down the road from where you stay.
Another day, another Beer,
Something different's happening here.

Same ole bullshit; Whole new style
Lots more crap to stick in file.
I write, I'm right, it's tight tonight.
Say Fuck You, say Fuck Me, I still (!) fight Social Security!

(I just successfully bored my dawgs into a comotose state, oh Joy!!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from Dusk to Dawn or, I STILL NEED A GEEK

Ok, I just watched THAT movie. Again.

It hasn't lost a bit of it's original power over me, despite the fact I haven't seen it since before my Dad died.
(He acquired it somehow-somewhere while he lived in AZ, and I remember watching it with him there.)
He liked it, and rocked out to some of the Zombie/Vampire scenes.)

I like it too, maybe even more Today than I did back then.

But I open here with a digression.
I'm really just here to tell y'all that living in New Mexico really ROCKS! Here's why:
1.) Old Beatles songs sound awesome when they are cranked up LOUD.
(Thanks Norm & Susie, for the download/rips)

(Geek Need #1: I am still fucking with my Stereo>Desktop>Laptop connections.)
Here's a 2 minute old pic of my desktop/'puter corner.

Note the tall, unopened beer. The new Coozie, saying 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
is no match for NATURAL STUPIDITY'
The paper and pens and pencils.
(I make a lot of notes, mostly for the next Book.)

Observe the stack of plain old CD-RW disks I was attempting to burn today.
Look at the headphones!
See the laptop open, only to play the music I've been transferring by disk and stick from the desktop. (I'm having Big Probs playing archives

Explain to me why I can't get the original desktop to play the music that's on it.. and while you're at it, explain why the desktop lost about half the great tunes I had stored on it.

Find me a Geek, who works Rural, or Remote. I'll pay. Cash.

Or just slap me upside the head and remind me that eventually.. I'll figure it out myownself. After all; I'm unemployed, and I got time!
Who CARES if it takes me 27 hrs to learn something that someone else coulda shown me in about 30 seconds, eh?

Meanwhile, since you wanted to know, I'll say ALL'S WELL, and I'm PFG (pretty fucking good) in my new home.
I'm Living, Loving, Eating, Exploring, playing guitar,
singing, dancing, and writing again.
Life is Here.. Wish You Were Beautiful.

John Lennon Said...
just about everything I'd like to, and probably better than I ever will.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ahhhh, Enchantment.

Dirt Roads Abound. I likes Dirt Roads.

Some of them seem to go on, and on, nearly Forever.

I live in New Mexico now. I'm Gardening, much smaller, but still Happily.

I like my New House, and my Old Dawg.

Life is Pretty Good,.
I still gots Internet
And my Arizona Dawgz, n Kittehs.

I quit Facebook, but I still Browse, and email.

I miss my Beloved Horses, that I did NOT want to give up.

And my pet chickens.
(Trust me: I WILL find new Horses n Chickens out here)

What's missing?
Not much; just perhaps someone to show this to.

Despite the losses, I wouldn't trade this Enchanted Land.

THIS IS MY LIFE! GET YOUR OWN. I can, and I do... still sing, and play Guitar.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'My House, Is A Very Very Very Nice House..'

Thanks, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, for the paraphrased title!
 I'm busy moving into here: That's my Bedroom window, and a Jacuzzi area
just begging for a Jacuzzi. Feel free to offer one, hehe.

The Front Door
 (which is actually the Back Door)
is just to the left, along with a Carport for my new van. Wow.

C'mon in! Glance right, and glory in my awesome Computer Wall;

(I'm really jazzed. And of course, still moving doo-dads & knick-knacks around.
This is my favorite room in this house, know why?


Up one step and to your left, is my kitchen. No windows though, and yes,
I could have tidied the last few details before I photoed but noooOOOooo, not me!
(In my own defense, I was REALLY busy hooking up stereo, printer, and computer parts. I DO keep a very clean kitchen!)

Through the kitchen to the right, is My Room. Wow; beats hell out of
sleeping on a pallet on the floor for the last 20 years!

Turn around, and you see the Living Room. And the Back Door, which is actually a Front Door! There's 2 Guest Bedrooms on that end, and a 2nd Bathroom.

OK, it's a Work In Progress. I'm nowhere near 'done' moving in, I was just very excited to have gotten a Memory Card for the camera that my BFF, (Best Friend Forever) Former FarmNeighbor Sue had given me for Christmas.

This morning I finally managed to hook up my stereo to my computer(s) and got to listen to both Internet Radio, and my own beLoved tunes. I was inspired!
'I am GORGEOUS, and the weather is here..' it's been shorts, flipflops, and the possibility of Sunburn for this ole desert rat-ette. (I'm up nearly 2,000 ft
higher than I used to be at the old Maggiez Farm in Arizona.)

I'm a Happy Camper, and loving my new neighborhood. I'm meeting some Cool
Neighbors, sampling Local Cuisines, and taking some fantastic Day Trips looking
around this area.
What took me so dang long to get here, eh??

Friday, February 11, 2011

New State of Residence, New State of Mind!

I made it.  Moved part n parcels, dogs n cats about 400 miles down the road to New Mexico.

Here's my new neighborhood; Central New Mexico.
The puppy dogs sure seem to like it....

Here's the new van I bought in Arizona to take all
my parties and parcels to our New Home, New Mexico.
She runs like a Rolex, and I'm keeping her.  Yes, I'm now Vehicularly Spoiled Rotten.

Here's my good ole HellDell,  loving it's brand new ISP and new desk.  This is the 'Front Room' of my new house, and my favorite room on account of it's the sunniest.  I'm still Moving In,  buying U-Build-It furniture and all the accourterments one needs to set up a house and make it Home.

(Look closely at the left foreground above, you'll see one half of my kitty Curly Joe.  Cats dig it here too)

I like it here, think I'll stick around. There's lots more to say but I'm pretty tired tonight.. I hiked about 5 miles with the dogs today and just plain road-tripped all around my new neighborhood. Stay tuned; there's lots going on!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yeah Kids, It's 'The Last of Days' at Maggiez Farm

Uh huh,  while we all go on and on and on with our Regular Lives,  Maggiez Farm is on it's
last gasp;  ie, dying the good death.  Here's a cool pic I took night before last,  of the last Full
Moon I'm going to see from this exact viewpoint.  (I gave myself Bonus Creds for this pic,  it's
exactly the way my eye (and camera) saw this moon.  Weirdly!)

"Moon Over Maggiez Farm'  looking West, about 4 am Jan 25, 2011

Cool, I say,  very cool.  I'm planning to take lots more cool pix, once I get to my new home this week.

Whaa..  where am I going?
Why thanks for asking,  I'm going to New Mexico.  I have a vague idea of exactly WHERE,  and a
burning desire to land there,  somewhere not too far off from Roswell,  Home of the Great Alien
Conspiracy of 1947 hahahaha.

Meanwhile?  It would be tedious and pointless to attempt to share with y'all lil Magz-Farm Fans just
what a true hassle it is to get gone, and 'gitterdon' in a timely and heartly manner,
so to save ya the effort I'll just say MOVING SUXX!!!!!
(I might even ask those of you who actually know me, to take 1 minute: 60 seconds, and do absolutely
nothing except Imagine MOVING yourselves.  Your Stuff, your Pets, your Life.  Quickly and totally, and
on the cheap.  It aint easy,  and I wouldn't wish it on the Average Joe or Josie, yanno?)

I wish to take a sec to actually thank those very few of my friends who for either love, or money,
have really tried to help me get down the road.
I'd also like to 'poke' any of those who meant well, thought about helping, but ultimately found it too
time consuming or not profitable enough.
Merle Haggard had it right,  there's a lot of 'Bar Room Buddies' in the world,  and I stand as Testimony
that there's sure not enough genuine caring Folk in this same world.

I'm off and running to a whole new Life, a new State, and hopefully some new friends I can family with.

Bye bye, Maggiez Farm,  bye buh-bye-bye, ya sweet Bye-n-Bye!  I'll be back, soon!  Magz

Friday, January 7, 2011

21 Days And Counting....

Till I'm Gone from the Farm Formerly  Known As Maggiez.  Meanwhile?  Life Goes On,
and I found a brand new old drawl today.

  Ever seen this movie?  (The Assassination of Jesse James,
by the Coward, Robert Ford.  Brad Pitt/Casey Affleck)

I call Pee  Efff Gee:  Pretty Fucking Good.

What I was just marveling/relating to,  is the incredibly
credible drawls,

And the use of some really fine colloquial English;  the
language and expressions used felt oh-so-true.

(Ok, and I'll also admit to finding it one of Mr. Pitt's better performances.  He plays a 
not-so-nice guy, and plays him realer than he usually plays the 'nice guys'.  And his accent's dead on good,  somewhere between Keen-tucky & Mizz-Zoura..    I'm just sayin,  and it's MY review)

The reason why I have time and inclination to sit around watching a movie when I only have
Is because I had 2 good friends come by (by arrangement) this morning,  both ready, willing, and
able to help me just 'gitter dun'.

  It's possibly just coincidental that they are blood brothers, and both deep and true proud Okies.
Their own accents had me talkin juss like ah used to on the ceebee radio,
and I'm bustin my own hump to try to get them the paying job of tearing down my own home, once
I've actually left it.
One of the vehicles they drove over here this morning, is the van I think I'm buying.

It looks just like this,  tho this is a 'stock' photo.

1989 Chevy  HeavyHalf- 350 w/400r rebuilt tranny.

(NOT the pickup truck I thought I wanted, but
oh-so much more Practical!)

It's Clean.  It's Healthy,  and it makes a lot of sense.  I'm 99% convinced that it's my new ride.

Thank You,  beLoved Okie Brothers, for finding this for me!  (Bill?  Orval?  You ROCK!)

So:  All that's really left now,  is to find a new driveway to park this in.
And park ME in, and the dawgz in, and the kittehs too..
(Ever gawd-dangged one of my foul fowl flock is bein given away before I leave this ole homestead.)

Shucks, Martha,  tween the sweet Oklahoma sounds and that curious blessin of the Jesse
movie?   I'm just like to beat the band pleased as punch, makin a clean breast of thangs.  I'm as liable
to flip as fly, knowing that it's plumb foolish, to try n teach yer ole Granny to suck eggs.

I won't translate that for you,  instead?  I'll leave you with your Regular Scheduled Magz-shit,

And whatever Favorite Loud Music Floats yer Boat.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Observations. aka 'Yeah, I'm Leavin' Home!'

Yup,  the process continues,  and I must Adjust.

It's nothing that hasn't been done before, many times, by lots of folks,
including Me.  (It's just been Awhile, since I've done the whole 'relocate' thing.

This ole farm,  was just a Farm,

and all those ole beLoved critters,
are just Critters.

(There will be more,  many more! at the Next

Bye bye, Maggiez Farm,  byebyebye.

Yeah,  I'm a little sad, and just a wee bit Freaked about the whole deal.
None of that matters:  what matters?  Is that I pull this whole Move-Thing off...
in not just a Timely Manner, but in a Heartly Manner.

I'm Working On It,  and I have every reason to believe I will succeed at it.  It's Faith, and also
Experience-  This Aint My First Goat-Roping, Yanno.  Let's Hark, shall we?

Dang, that's cool!

I feel like Harking!


Ak, choke cough.

Here's some of my Today's Observations,

to both puzzle & delight you.


1.)  When you've lived in a place for 20 years?
 You accumulate a lot of shit.  You also accumulate a LOT of memories.
Some are easy to let go of,
some aren't.  Some you never will, or will ever want to.

2.)When you Move..  
You must condense, sort thru, and throw away lots (most) of it.

3.)  Sorting thru shit you haven't even looked at in years, is hard.
(It's actually pretty Pathetic;  seeing what you used to think was Important, that you know isn't anymore)

4.)  Leaving shit behind is embarrassing.  Knowing someone else is going to see your shit?
That is really nervewracking.
(That leads to much wasted effort while you're trying to think 'Forward!'  trying to relocate,  when you honestly worry about how to excuse what you inadvertently leave behind.  Abandoned Kid toys, and bits of horse gear. Moldy throwrugs, and lost sox. Outgrown underwear.  REALLY ratty old dishes.  Small piles of neglected trash,  that you really really MEANT to take to the dump.  Maybe even..  some forgotten
Seeds and Stems??)

5.)  As long as the Sun is shining, somewhere...  it's all going to work out somehow.
(I'm awed and amazed, at just how much I can actually accomplish when I really have to:  but?)

6.)  It's fucking LONELY..  to do this kind of thing all alone.

  I have a Cool Neighbor,  who's offered me everything in her World to make this transistion easier
for me.  Until I Cash Out,  end of this month,  she's offered me rides,  phone service, home made soup
and an Ear.
Yet she's even less happy than I am with this whole process.  She doesn't really want me to leave,
(BlesserHart!) but she sort of understands that I must.
She gives me Reality Checks,  and squirms when I tell her that my own Life,  doesn't quite work like
hers does.  She doesn't  and can't understand..  that sometimes Survival
has to come before A Really Good Plan,  yet she will Back me to the utmost of her ability;
up to and including babysitting my dogs while I search for a home, or keeping my kitties till I find one.
Sue?  You  ROCK!

I also have a Son..  who's impressed the Hell out of me with how well he's grown up!

Yet that young man,  has a very busy life of his own,  trying to take care of his own chosen Family.
He's stressed,  but doing everything he'd ever be expected to for Me, for his beLoved Wife, and for his Kids, my Grandkids.
(I hope they know, how hard he's working at it.  I cannot ask for more from him,  he's doing an amazing
job, of keeping a Low Profile)

I love my kid.  I love my friends!

(I just don't love, what I'm going 
thru right now)

Still?  It'll all work out;  it always does.

Happy New Year,  Love n Kisses,  Peace,  Magz