Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ahhhh, Enchantment.

Dirt Roads Abound. I likes Dirt Roads.

Some of them seem to go on, and on, nearly Forever.

I live in New Mexico now. I'm Gardening, much smaller, but still Happily.

I like my New House, and my Old Dawg.

Life is Pretty Good,.
I still gots Internet
And my Arizona Dawgz, n Kittehs.

I quit Facebook, but I still Browse, and email.

I miss my Beloved Horses, that I did NOT want to give up.

And my pet chickens.
(Trust me: I WILL find new Horses n Chickens out here)

What's missing?
Not much; just perhaps someone to show this to.

Despite the losses, I wouldn't trade this Enchanted Land.

THIS IS MY LIFE! GET YOUR OWN. I can, and I do... still sing, and play Guitar.

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