Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Place To Put My Stuff

All the good and bad,
Things I've Learned From Everyone! Like Jeff Bridges as
The Big Lebowski..

To John Lennon as himself:

To all the Lessons Learned, right here on the Farm.

It's really all just different parts of Life, you know?

What's got me going today is the Thank Yous that I owe some very good Internet Friends!

Really: I've been offline for a long time, and when I got back Online?
I had some Major Problems, and still do, tho it's working out thanks to the help of some friends I've never even met in person.

I spent nearly 2 yrs offline, looking for and asking from
Everyone I've ever known for some Help.

I got it from my Neighbors, who had no reason to help atall: they just heard me when I asked. They made me Work for their help, and I thank them every single day since then for making me work to help myself.

When I got back online? I took it real easy... working my way back towards where I'd left off,
Thinking I was an Internet Cool Chick.

And I found the Help I needed, from old friends that I'd never asked for help from before. TY, my very-most helpfuls!
Dave from St Louie? You ROCK, dude. Levi from Texas? You're the Son I almost had.
Mike from Michigan? You're helping me more thaN YOU KNOW!


This is my first (of what's bound to be many) real Thank Yous.

Between you, and you, and you and me... we're bound to get me totally straitened out back here on da 'Net...

And I Thank You. I, Maggie Baker thanks you, and Maggiez Farm thanks you!

I really love how this works. Fuck the Flowers For Algernon, here's Flowers For All.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time Passes. Magz Gets Over Her Beef(s)..

And Starts cooking!  Like real  Food!
That's kind of an unusual ocurrence nowadays,  since I just don't get all that motivated anymore to actually build good 'Home Cooked' meals from scratch,  for a couple of reasons.

Reason # 1 is simply that I live alone and eat alone,  so snacks or instant food meals are just (like they say)
More Convienent.

Reason # 2 is a bit more 'involved',  since it has everything to do with the fact that after my last BIG wreck-on-horseback almost 4 yrs ago now,
  I Lost My Sense Of Smell,  and Taste.

Yeah, I worried about it, a lot.  I did beaucoup Research both online and off,  trying to re-connect  my
nose to my brain, and I failed all the way around.
That was sad,  and it still sucks if I think about it much.

So I don't, mostly.  Think about it anymore.
  Still?  It left me at a loss,  and actually mourning my poor old, good old, TRUSTED  3rd and 4th senses that got wiped out in an instant.  It's changed my entire perception of Food,  and  other scents.  It's changed all of my Habits about eating,  though it didn't happen all at once.

 (See Above:  Cooking, and Real Food)

  Hehehe,  the whole point of this post is to tell anyone reading about how today turned into a 'chef's special' day.
I KNOW y'all like recipes, and juicy details about food so I thought I'd share mine!

  Today was a total 'Foody' day, and it started when I browsed my refrigerator and realized that I had way too many fresh eggs, compliments of all my chickens.  I hard-boiled 2 dozen,  and then made a pretty good egg-salad mix with ranch dressing, sweet pickles, onions, and celery.  (I left 8 hard-boilies for later, when I feel like making Deviled Eggs.)

Then I started frying chicken.  LOTS of chicken parts,  all coated in my own mix of herbs & spices, and perfectly fried in 100% fresh corn oil.  (I have cold chicken for DAYS now!)
I make good fried chicken, if I say so myself.

That motivated me to dig deeper, deep into my own refridgerator.  I found a large package of high quality
Bratwersts that I'd bought and frozen awhile back,  so I defrosted them carefully..
(I actually didn't particularly enjoy eating the 1st one as a hot dog kind of thing on a bun,  so I studied my pantry,  fridge, and freezer for another idea of how to prepare them)

I came up with a really great idea!
 It started with raw rice laid on the bottom of a large baking pan.  With butter, and a little water.
Then a big layer of Bratwursts-  must be 15 of them fit in that pan. A healthy squirt of Honey BBQ sauce on top, a layer of fresh Hatch, New Mexico Chilies, then a half pint of my Garden Fresh HomeMade Salsa, Hot Style.

It looked pretty juicy, and weighed about 4 lbs so I put it uncovered into the oven at 325 degrees,  thinking it would take awhile to blend and mix and cook down.  45 minutes later, it seemed to be drying out too fast so I added some of the homemade Marinara/Spagetti sauce I always have hanging around, and spooned some of the salsa/BBQ sauce mix over the top. 

Shortly after that, an unexpected drop-in buddy came by, and the first thing out of her mouth was "OMG!!
What's cooking?  Smells GREAT!" 
(I had to tell her I didn't think it was ready yet,  and served her some fresh fried chicken instead)
I wish I could smell it,  but I'm here to say that another hour later, after my buddy had left,  I finally sat down and served myself a heaping helping of whatever-ya-call that Bratworst dish..  and It Was Good.
So am I,  and now I'm full.
Stop by tomorrow,  there's LOTS of leftovers!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh, God Damn

Sorry, those of you who believe that Maggiez Farm Blog is always 'friendly'..

I'm truly pissed off today.

I've been trying ever since I got back Up on da 'Net to resolve my hardware issues, and today I dedicated most of the day to research, reading, and asking every geek I know questions about how to fix this.

I've read till my eyes bled, really.

I've asked my geekiest friends to step in and DRIVE this HellDell via Remote Access!
Sadly, that doesn't seem to be working either; despite my best efforts to configure my own system to accept another driver-person, administrator wise.

It's not working.
Neither my own efforts, or getting someone else to Remote Drive
(Since I surehell CAN'T find a live human to come into my own living room and show me how!)

I'm pissed.
I'm pissed enough to get RIGHTOUS Annoyed, for

I paid a Local Geek-Type a lot of money to get me up and running last month.
He did- sort of.
He wiped my entire Drive, and re-loaded about 75% of what I originally had on it

He loaded XP Pro, registered to me. I'm beginning to wonder how he did that, and charged me beaucoup bux for doing it, without leaving me the disk that he used.
I got no stinking disk, and before he touched my computer the first time, I had a copy of Windows XP Pro tucked snug inside my partition.

I Think It Was MY Version of XP that he loaded.

Oh hell this is stupid. Why Rant about something that I AGREED to pay for, eh?

I'll take just a little more time..
And do a little more Research..

Before I name this Kid, and Out him in public.

I don't know who's Dumber: Him? For trying to Jack My Bill...?
Or Me:
For Being Stupid Enough (and Grateful Enough!) not to Call him on it at the time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Because the weather is usually always AWESOME here during Monsoon Season. Unfortunately, my house has been leaking during the rains, and I've failed to Fix It All By Myself.

I needed Help. I said so,


I finally Got Some, YAYYYY!

That was this morning.  This afternoon?  I got some buddies!!

These are the Guys... (or at least the kind of guys) I've Been Waiting For!!

They worked Hard. It looks much better!

DAMN I'm Tired! Between working myself, bitching about Everything, and finally babysitting/appriciating these guys who DID work today, I'm Whupped.

(And waiting for the Next Big Rain, to see if this PatchJob works hehe)