Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh, God Damn

Sorry, those of you who believe that Maggiez Farm Blog is always 'friendly'..

I'm truly pissed off today.

I've been trying ever since I got back Up on da 'Net to resolve my hardware issues, and today I dedicated most of the day to research, reading, and asking every geek I know questions about how to fix this.

I've read till my eyes bled, really.

I've asked my geekiest friends to step in and DRIVE this HellDell via Remote Access!
Sadly, that doesn't seem to be working either; despite my best efforts to configure my own system to accept another driver-person, administrator wise.

It's not working.
Neither my own efforts, or getting someone else to Remote Drive
(Since I surehell CAN'T find a live human to come into my own living room and show me how!)

I'm pissed.
I'm pissed enough to get RIGHTOUS Annoyed, for

I paid a Local Geek-Type a lot of money to get me up and running last month.
He did- sort of.
He wiped my entire Drive, and re-loaded about 75% of what I originally had on it

He loaded XP Pro, registered to me. I'm beginning to wonder how he did that, and charged me beaucoup bux for doing it, without leaving me the disk that he used.
I got no stinking disk, and before he touched my computer the first time, I had a copy of Windows XP Pro tucked snug inside my partition.

I Think It Was MY Version of XP that he loaded.

Oh hell this is stupid. Why Rant about something that I AGREED to pay for, eh?

I'll take just a little more time..
And do a little more Research..

Before I name this Kid, and Out him in public.

I don't know who's Dumber: Him? For trying to Jack My Bill...?
Or Me:
For Being Stupid Enough (and Grateful Enough!) not to Call him on it at the time.

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