Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Did I Miss ???

Everything I've missed,  while I wasn't paying attention?

Like the fact that Chris LeDoux  is dead???  (Where was I,  huh??)

I hate hearing that;  it makes all my lightweight fun posts  become Meaningless.

I'm sorry:  I will return,  when I have something Optimistic, or Nice..  to say,

Meanwhile I must listen to everything that man ever did.  I owe it to him.


(I'm not even sure where I found him for the first time,  he's tied up in my mind with the first song Garth Brooks ever made a name with)
I just know that I loved his music, and  introduced his music to my Hip-hopping Rapscallion of a Son,
Danno.  Who proceded to 'HEAR' it.. and was the one who told me that we won't be hearing anything new from Mr. LeDeaux for some time now.

Goodnight Chris;  Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Sometimes

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Things That Make Me Smile

Lots of things make me Smile!

My favorite chair in my backyard always
makes me smile when I sit down in it.

My Dad made that chair, that makes me smile.

This is NorMee, a small but loved guinea chick.

He's one of the 'kids' I'm raising this year.

Little baby birds growing up in my garden make me smile.

Puffy SHOES! Totally Irresistable!

Brand New Puffy/Fluffy Flip-Flops from the
Dollar Store!

(It felt like I had pillows tied to my feet all day today, and THAT..
made me smile.)

BeLoved Family, whatever shape they wear.

I asked the Dawgz
Blanche,(L) Holly,(R) and Marshall (Foreground) to think
'LOVE', and this is what they said to send you.
I love them a lot; they make me smile.

And Flowers, because they always make me smile.
Flowers and Gardens and Scenery and Animals
(oh always Animals) and yes,
even Puffy Shoes know how to "Share The Love'.

This post is from my Heart, and sent to my friends Stacey & Jake.
(There's a lot of Healy Vibes in this, just ask the critters!)

Much love, and some brand new pix taken today,
And aimed your way.