Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Did I Miss ???

Everything I've missed,  while I wasn't paying attention?

Like the fact that Chris LeDoux  is dead???  (Where was I,  huh??)

I hate hearing that;  it makes all my lightweight fun posts  become Meaningless.

I'm sorry:  I will return,  when I have something Optimistic, or Nice..  to say,

Meanwhile I must listen to everything that man ever did.  I owe it to him.


(I'm not even sure where I found him for the first time,  he's tied up in my mind with the first song Garth Brooks ever made a name with)
I just know that I loved his music, and  introduced his music to my Hip-hopping Rapscallion of a Son,
Danno.  Who proceded to 'HEAR' it.. and was the one who told me that we won't be hearing anything new from Mr. LeDeaux for some time now.

Goodnight Chris;  Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Sometimes

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