Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Am Ashamed. Also Broke.

And owing a large amount of Back Taxes!!  The Farm, Maggiez Farm, is in Danger.

The good news is,
Compared to many many folks losing their homes,  It's cheap taxes!
The bad news is?
It's totally beyond my financial ability to pay today, as they want it in Entirety.

The no news?  Is that I either beg/borrow/steal/grovel or do my very best Schmoozing, or I lose my home.
Stay tuned for the next Exciting Episode of Maggiez Farm!

UPDATE:   Several emails,  phone calls, and mad scramblings  later,  I have a lot better understanding,
of what's actually going on with the Great County/State Bureaucracy called Home Ownership.
And a little reprieve.  The situation is by no means Resolved..
But it's a lot more Manageable.

I'm still a lot ashamed of myself for letting it get this far, but also slightly encouraged about
Just what I can accomplish.. when I have to.
I haven't (quite) lost it yet!  Either my mind, my talents, or my farm, hehehe

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