Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buckle Down, Suck It Up- DEAL

Since it seems that I'm only talking to myself,  I can get real Real here.
The post below this post titled "I Am Ashamed' refers to my shame & my brokedness,  trying to pay my taxes.  (Yes;  Broke-edness, not Broken)

What it didn't delve into.. was just how tough this process is really going to be.

I sold my Best Friend,my Horse, and gave away his best friend, The Other Horse
on account of the fact that I needed money.  Cash,  to pay taxes.  So I could KEEP
this place, even if it has no horses.  (My  Good Neighbor didn't want me to sell The Other Horse,
since she still technically Owned him.
So I gave that horse back..  the day I sold mine, 8 days ago.   She's
subsequently managed to find a Home that would feed The Other Horse,  and has given
him away.  To a (hopefully) Really Good Home.

I think I Sold mine,  to a Really Good Home (hopefully).

Whatever...  it's a Done Deal.  Leaving me horseless,  and pretty lost.  I miss my friends,
they were my Family.
I wish things were different,  but accept the fact that this is Reality.  I have most of the money I
need to keep this farm, and a few deals in the works to sell it once my tax bill is paid.

It just doesn't feel like Home,  without my family.

I'm angry, and butt-hurt.  I'm a little lost, a lot heartbroke, and I just 'Haz A Sad'
(Also OUTTAHERE.. before I start cussing and throwing things)  Peace, Out.  Magz.

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