Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hup Two Hup Two, Just Steppin On

Selling 'da Farm'.  Organizing Chaos.  Hanging In, Out, and On for dear Life.

Only Bitching about it once in awhile,   HERE.   See ya.....!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is It Really Hard? Or Really Scary?

Nope.  It's mostly just really Lonely,  selling my home.

I have to ask myself,  is this what I'd hoped for, or planned on?
And I have to answer myself, 'Nope.  It's just the Way It Is.'

As far as hardcore Real Plans go,  I don't exactly have one, yet.  But 'Facts iz Facts, Ma'am',
and my Home is in escrow.  I'll be outta here on or before January 30th, 2011.

In the end all and be-all of things?  We play the hands we're dealt, hehe.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Doing The Done Deal..

Alternate Title  'Made It So'

                                 Sunrise Over Maggiez Farm  12/17/2010

This is one of the last 'scenic' shots I'll take from the front door of the real 'Maggiez Farm',
for I'm signing the papers tomorrow to put 'da Farm' into escrow.

Yes,  you heard me correctly,  I've 'Sold The Farm'.  Me,  the Magz Herownself is off on any
number of new adventures,  and will settle back sooner or later into another version of the same ole
Maggiez Farm.

I will continue to write my life, my feelings, and my experiences,  but not exactly as they happen.
(Life is going to be Goofy Enough,  without leaving a record of just how Goofy I get whilst dealing
with the day-to-day stuff-  thank GOD for a little 'maturity' in my life!

See ya round da Innerwebs-  my email, IM contacts, and phone # will remain the same.  I'll keep this blog, and update it as often as possible!

                                                               Curls  12/17/2010
                   This is Curly Joe,  Mighty Mouser Cat.   Be vewy vewy quyatt... he's mousing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buckle Down, Suck It Up- DEAL

Since it seems that I'm only talking to myself,  I can get real Real here.
The post below this post titled "I Am Ashamed' refers to my shame & my brokedness,  trying to pay my taxes.  (Yes;  Broke-edness, not Broken)

What it didn't delve into.. was just how tough this process is really going to be.

I sold my Best Friend,my Horse, and gave away his best friend, The Other Horse
on account of the fact that I needed money.  Cash,  to pay taxes.  So I could KEEP
this place, even if it has no horses.  (My  Good Neighbor didn't want me to sell The Other Horse,
since she still technically Owned him.
So I gave that horse back..  the day I sold mine, 8 days ago.   She's
subsequently managed to find a Home that would feed The Other Horse,  and has given
him away.  To a (hopefully) Really Good Home.

I think I Sold mine,  to a Really Good Home (hopefully).

Whatever...  it's a Done Deal.  Leaving me horseless,  and pretty lost.  I miss my friends,
they were my Family.
I wish things were different,  but accept the fact that this is Reality.  I have most of the money I
need to keep this farm, and a few deals in the works to sell it once my tax bill is paid.

It just doesn't feel like Home,  without my family.

I'm angry, and butt-hurt.  I'm a little lost, a lot heartbroke, and I just 'Haz A Sad'
(Also OUTTAHERE.. before I start cussing and throwing things)  Peace, Out.  Magz.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Am Ashamed. Also Broke.

And owing a large amount of Back Taxes!!  The Farm, Maggiez Farm, is in Danger.

The good news is,
Compared to many many folks losing their homes,  It's cheap taxes!
The bad news is?
It's totally beyond my financial ability to pay today, as they want it in Entirety.

The no news?  Is that I either beg/borrow/steal/grovel or do my very best Schmoozing, or I lose my home.
Stay tuned for the next Exciting Episode of Maggiez Farm!

UPDATE:   Several emails,  phone calls, and mad scramblings  later,  I have a lot better understanding,
of what's actually going on with the Great County/State Bureaucracy called Home Ownership.
And a little reprieve.  The situation is by no means Resolved..
But it's a lot more Manageable.

I'm still a lot ashamed of myself for letting it get this far, but also slightly encouraged about
Just what I can accomplish.. when I have to.
I haven't (quite) lost it yet!  Either my mind, my talents, or my farm, hehehe