Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life. (It's Real, If Ya Got Pix )

I think I have more to say,  but Loud Music & Beer are telling me to just stick this batch in Facebook, haha.

Truth?  Uh-uh,
This is Bloggity, not Facebookish.
Live With It:  I Do.

 It's Monsoon Season.
Click these pix to full screen,  if you like.

 I like,  and I like putting them here.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arizona, Don't Ever Change, OK?

This summer has been some very Strange weather.
Monsoon Season here officially starts around July 1st, yet last night's storm is the 1st real Rain of the season, here at 'da Farm'.

What made it oddly memorable, was the fact that the Sun shone through this entire storm!

The wind blew HARD, from the Northeast! The rain came from every direction at once,
leaving little doubt that 'da Farm' was right smack-dab in the middle of a strange & powerful storm cell.

I took a lot of pictures of it.

My horses were soggy, even on their own front porch under shelter.
My chickens were seriously soggy, but thrilled by the bugs washed out by the rain.

This all happened within 40 minutes, just Sunset time. It dropped over 2 inches of water, blew down a couple fence panels and a bunch of tomato plants
(No Biggie: I've retied tomatoes, and dug several postholes today fixing fences)

It ended up looking like this:

I really like where I live, despite the fact I've announced in no uncertain terms that I'd move if I could..
Southeast Arizona in Monsoon Season.. just rocks.

I need to get back into the habit of Blogging, since I truly enjoy reviewing what I saw/thought/wrote in some detail.
I don't see that 'detailin' in much of Facebook or Twitter tweeting, yanno?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Facebook? Cool. Blog? Say It Ain't Passe, Jefe

These people are some of my Family!

Most of whom I haven't seen in 20 or 30 years. The Big Guy in the middle is my older brother John. aka JP.
He's flanked by his sons, my nephews Michael (on the left) & David, on the right.

I wouldn't have a CLUE who these 2 handsome young men were, if not for Facebook.

(And, an uncommon last name. It was once MY last name, till I married, divorced, and decided that the name Baker was much easier to live with.)

I posted this picture just because I'm stumbling upon folks that I never-ever would have found or re-connected with, had I not gotten back on the 'Net, just in time to Facebook.

For an Ole Country Broad.. this shit is awesome.

Life here at 'Da Farm' doesn't seem to change much..
But the rest of the world does!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sometimes? I Like Being Me

Like today; yeah I know that Blogging is 'passe' and that the Internet World has gone and passed me by in some ways..

But I'm happy to be here. Really Here! At the same ole Farm, with many of the same ole Critters, and much of the same ole Weather that we get here in SE Arizona.

It's pretty out here in this Almost-Monsoon Season, and sunsets still get loud and proud.

I just keep on doing what I always do, like Gardening.

And loving my life with my Critters, both new and old.

This is my Old Horse. IB. Aka Bubba. As you can see, he's busy. Eating. Still, great (horse) butts, drive me nuts.

This is my New Horse, Sliver. (As in 'Hi-ho, Sliver not Silver) He might actually be IB/Bubba's Horse, and is know affectionately as The Big Mamoo. He's a Missouri Foxtrotter, and a fine and stylish ride.
Also a great addition to the Family here.

I still have and love the Rott(on) Sisters Blanche and Holly, who grow ever so much more sedate as they're 'maturing' mostly gracefully.

There's also this new dawg, Marshall. Marshall Mathers.
AKA the Real Slim Shady.

He's a whole 'nother tale (tail?), for a whole 'nother post. He's Good.

Meanwhile, it's good to be Me. I'm still catching up on a lot I missed here in Cyberland, so bear with. (I'd rather Blog, than FaceBook so far)

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Can Hardly Believe It MyOwnSelf

I never really left, (the farm at least) but just last night I got back onto the Internet after a loooong and involved effort to do so.

Just like myself, the farm has been thru a few changes. We are genteely aging together, yet the potential for renewal is always there.

New garden in the backyard.

A few new critters. I now have TWO horses, or as I like to say, my horse has a horse. One new ultracool dog, 2 new kitties, and an endless supply of new chickens and other assorted foul fowl.

I feel like a total 'Babe In The Woods' back here in Computerland.. I've forgotten half of what I knew and am dealing with a brand new operationg system, missing programs I used to use, and enuff hi-speed to totally tangle myself up with if I don't take the time to read and re-read everything.

I have so much to learn! And it's so deliciously exciting to relearn it all.. feel free to email me and fill me in on all I've missed so far!
I'm around- same ole gmail or yahoo mail.