Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sometimes? I Like Being Me

Like today; yeah I know that Blogging is 'passe' and that the Internet World has gone and passed me by in some ways..

But I'm happy to be here. Really Here! At the same ole Farm, with many of the same ole Critters, and much of the same ole Weather that we get here in SE Arizona.

It's pretty out here in this Almost-Monsoon Season, and sunsets still get loud and proud.

I just keep on doing what I always do, like Gardening.

And loving my life with my Critters, both new and old.

This is my Old Horse. IB. Aka Bubba. As you can see, he's busy. Eating. Still, great (horse) butts, drive me nuts.

This is my New Horse, Sliver. (As in 'Hi-ho, Sliver not Silver) He might actually be IB/Bubba's Horse, and is know affectionately as The Big Mamoo. He's a Missouri Foxtrotter, and a fine and stylish ride.
Also a great addition to the Family here.

I still have and love the Rott(on) Sisters Blanche and Holly, who grow ever so much more sedate as they're 'maturing' mostly gracefully.

There's also this new dawg, Marshall. Marshall Mathers.
AKA the Real Slim Shady.

He's a whole 'nother tale (tail?), for a whole 'nother post. He's Good.

Meanwhile, it's good to be Me. I'm still catching up on a lot I missed here in Cyberland, so bear with. (I'd rather Blog, than FaceBook so far)

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Slip said...

Good to hear from you! glad things have settled down for you. How is your son doing?