Friday, July 2, 2010

I Can Hardly Believe It MyOwnSelf

I never really left, (the farm at least) but just last night I got back onto the Internet after a loooong and involved effort to do so.

Just like myself, the farm has been thru a few changes. We are genteely aging together, yet the potential for renewal is always there.

New garden in the backyard.

A few new critters. I now have TWO horses, or as I like to say, my horse has a horse. One new ultracool dog, 2 new kitties, and an endless supply of new chickens and other assorted foul fowl.

I feel like a total 'Babe In The Woods' back here in Computerland.. I've forgotten half of what I knew and am dealing with a brand new operationg system, missing programs I used to use, and enuff hi-speed to totally tangle myself up with if I don't take the time to read and re-read everything.

I have so much to learn! And it's so deliciously exciting to relearn it all.. feel free to email me and fill me in on all I've missed so far!
I'm around- same ole gmail or yahoo mail.

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dkgoodman said...

Welcome back, Magz!
Welcome back, Magz!
Welcome back, Magz!

And a belated happy birthday.

Are you on Facebook yet? :)