Friday, September 12, 2008


And lonesome. It would be nice to hear from somebody,

Maggiez Farm (the real place) is still for sale, price dropping nearly daily.

I have no phone, no car, no income. (Still in a Battle Royale with the Social Insecurity Administration in an attempt to un-freeze the payments they've been witholding for the past 6 months.)

I still have my horse, my dogs, and my chickens.

I'm sorta kinda beginning to cop a bit of an Attitude, yanno?

Be charitable: Say hi, m'kay? I still check my email occasionally Yore Pal, Magz


dkgoodman said...

I'm still here! :)

What do Arzirona farms go for these days, anyways? Does it come with the chickens? :)


Slip said...

Hey Mags!
Sorry to hear that they are still sticking it in ya. Good to know you are hangin' tuff

tksinclair said...

I'm still here too girl! I check here every so often and I'm always glad to see a new post from you although they are not as frequent as I'd like! Glad you're still around. I'm stuck with a property I can't sell so I hear you on that one. And, like yours, the value keeps dropping daily it seems.

gemmak said...

I'm still here too...sorry I've been away for a couple of weeks. Good to hear you are still hanging in there girl...thing WILL get better and having your dogs, horses and chickens is one really big importnat plus! :o)

gemmak said...

...and it would be good too if I could type with any accuracy! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey sis! Woo Hoo! Good to "see" you! Is there any way to call?
(dang, I can't remember my google/blogger sign in)

beFrank said...

Hi Mags,

You're in our prayers and I'll make it a point to drop in more often.

Big hugs.

Bryan and Dellis

Geri said...

Sorry to hear about your problems. The economy just seems to keep spiraling down. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Keep a stiff upper lip!

gemmak said...

Hello???? :o(

SidDawgone said...

where oh where has my sis-ter gone?
Oh where oh where can she beeeee?

SidDawgone said...

Happy Bday sis, wherever you are

dkgoodman said...


GEL said...

Hi- Glad you're hanging in there. I've been worried. well, I emailed you in june '08 in reply to your desperate email of may, but heard nothing back. (I hadn't checked that email address for a month.) It's now Aug. '09. I sure hope you're ok.

MKP said...

Life is getting to us both!
Common girl, let's you and me get some writing going and blow out the crap in our head!!!!