Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hup Two Hup Two, Just Steppin On

Selling 'da Farm'.  Organizing Chaos.  Hanging In, Out, and On for dear Life.

Only Bitching about it once in awhile,   HERE.   See ya.....!


Terri said...

I've been checking here off and on for two years! Where'd you go gurl!?!

Remember me???? Terri???

Terri said...

Hey Maggie! Where've you been?

magz said...

DARLIN!!! I been lookin for you too, was offline for awhile and can't find yer email anywhere.
Pleasepleaseplease hollar at me; I have so much to talk with you about, and can't find which of your blogs has a contact.
I'm still me, either ibmagz@gmail or call me direct @ 5202542748, my cheap cell phone.
I would LOVE to reconnect; I'm a Granma nowadays, and just about to move. That's some major changes, uh huh. (Regardless; I will maintain my emails & phone # Teri. God BlessYerHart, and Happy New Year!)

tksinclair said...

I can't believe I kept your site bookmarked after all this time! Every few months I'd pop by and see if there were any changes...and, there weren' I'd move on. But I never erased that bookmark. Everybody from the "old" days have moved on or disappeared I guess.

My personal email is:

So you're moving again? Where are you? Still in Arizona? Where are you moving to?

A very happy new year to you too. We had a pretty rough year - still are - unemployment, losing our house, blah blah blah but life goes on right?