Saturday, January 1, 2011

Whoa : One/One/One-One WHEW!

   Happy New Year, Chitlins!  Uh huh...  it's (supposedly) All Brand New, and another year.
Here's what I know, believe, and feel to be oh-so-True.

It's Cold Outside, Baby!

Really cold,  for us good ole Desert-Rat types.

We don't deal with deep snow,

just icy-icy cold nights.

(It was 22 degrees at 7 am today, INSIDE.

So I burnt Kerosene in my only little heater,  and turned the electric oven on 'Low', trying to raise
the temperature inside my house a degree or two above freezing.
When I tried to cook breakfast,  the steam almost blinded me, and my bacon refused to crisp.

I'm wearing so many layers of clothes & hats and scarfs that I can barely move:  Call me the
Pillsbury Doughboy,  or the Michalin Magz.  (I'm ok,  sorta Cool,  as long as I don't move)

When the Sun  (kind of) came out today,  I
went outside.  To thaw my frozen toes, and

Hope it would get warm enough to Clean Up
My Act;  ie,  to shower outside since my 50 yr
old house has clogged it's Interior waterpipes.

It looked like this:  but was warm enough.

It just reminded me that I've always like Winter Birds, better than Summer Birds.

Something about the fluffy/Solo Act of Winter Birds...  is cool.  It's  about Hanging Tough?
 That is UltraCool. !!
This has been my Home for a long long time...   something tells me that I'll find another one,

I've really Loved this place, my Home, da Farm.  I'll find another one!

(For those who don't Follow:  I've sold the place I've lived in for the last 20 years.  I don't know for sure where I'm going yet,  but I know I'll end up Somewhere Good.  Meantime,  I have the same ole emails., phone #'s, and I'm always around.  )

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