Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yeah Kids, It's 'The Last of Days' at Maggiez Farm

Uh huh,  while we all go on and on and on with our Regular Lives,  Maggiez Farm is on it's
last gasp;  ie, dying the good death.  Here's a cool pic I took night before last,  of the last Full
Moon I'm going to see from this exact viewpoint.  (I gave myself Bonus Creds for this pic,  it's
exactly the way my eye (and camera) saw this moon.  Weirdly!)

"Moon Over Maggiez Farm'  looking West, about 4 am Jan 25, 2011

Cool, I say,  very cool.  I'm planning to take lots more cool pix, once I get to my new home this week.

Whaa..  where am I going?
Why thanks for asking,  I'm going to New Mexico.  I have a vague idea of exactly WHERE,  and a
burning desire to land there,  somewhere not too far off from Roswell,  Home of the Great Alien
Conspiracy of 1947 hahahaha.

Meanwhile?  It would be tedious and pointless to attempt to share with y'all lil Magz-Farm Fans just
what a true hassle it is to get gone, and 'gitterdon' in a timely and heartly manner,
so to save ya the effort I'll just say MOVING SUXX!!!!!
(I might even ask those of you who actually know me, to take 1 minute: 60 seconds, and do absolutely
nothing except Imagine MOVING yourselves.  Your Stuff, your Pets, your Life.  Quickly and totally, and
on the cheap.  It aint easy,  and I wouldn't wish it on the Average Joe or Josie, yanno?)

I wish to take a sec to actually thank those very few of my friends who for either love, or money,
have really tried to help me get down the road.
I'd also like to 'poke' any of those who meant well, thought about helping, but ultimately found it too
time consuming or not profitable enough.
Merle Haggard had it right,  there's a lot of 'Bar Room Buddies' in the world,  and I stand as Testimony
that there's sure not enough genuine caring Folk in this same world.

I'm off and running to a whole new Life, a new State, and hopefully some new friends I can family with.

Bye bye, Maggiez Farm,  bye buh-bye-bye, ya sweet Bye-n-Bye!  I'll be back, soon!  Magz

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