Friday, January 7, 2011

21 Days And Counting....

Till I'm Gone from the Farm Formerly  Known As Maggiez.  Meanwhile?  Life Goes On,
and I found a brand new old drawl today.

  Ever seen this movie?  (The Assassination of Jesse James,
by the Coward, Robert Ford.  Brad Pitt/Casey Affleck)

I call Pee  Efff Gee:  Pretty Fucking Good.

What I was just marveling/relating to,  is the incredibly
credible drawls,

And the use of some really fine colloquial English;  the
language and expressions used felt oh-so-true.

(Ok, and I'll also admit to finding it one of Mr. Pitt's better performances.  He plays a 
not-so-nice guy, and plays him realer than he usually plays the 'nice guys'.  And his accent's dead on good,  somewhere between Keen-tucky & Mizz-Zoura..    I'm just sayin,  and it's MY review)

The reason why I have time and inclination to sit around watching a movie when I only have
Is because I had 2 good friends come by (by arrangement) this morning,  both ready, willing, and
able to help me just 'gitter dun'.

  It's possibly just coincidental that they are blood brothers, and both deep and true proud Okies.
Their own accents had me talkin juss like ah used to on the ceebee radio,
and I'm bustin my own hump to try to get them the paying job of tearing down my own home, once
I've actually left it.
One of the vehicles they drove over here this morning, is the van I think I'm buying.

It looks just like this,  tho this is a 'stock' photo.

1989 Chevy  HeavyHalf- 350 w/400r rebuilt tranny.

(NOT the pickup truck I thought I wanted, but
oh-so much more Practical!)

It's Clean.  It's Healthy,  and it makes a lot of sense.  I'm 99% convinced that it's my new ride.

Thank You,  beLoved Okie Brothers, for finding this for me!  (Bill?  Orval?  You ROCK!)

So:  All that's really left now,  is to find a new driveway to park this in.
And park ME in, and the dawgz in, and the kittehs too..
(Ever gawd-dangged one of my foul fowl flock is bein given away before I leave this ole homestead.)

Shucks, Martha,  tween the sweet Oklahoma sounds and that curious blessin of the Jesse
movie?   I'm just like to beat the band pleased as punch, makin a clean breast of thangs.  I'm as liable
to flip as fly, knowing that it's plumb foolish, to try n teach yer ole Granny to suck eggs.

I won't translate that for you,  instead?  I'll leave you with your Regular Scheduled Magz-shit,

And whatever Favorite Loud Music Floats yer Boat.

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