Friday, February 11, 2011

New State of Residence, New State of Mind!

I made it.  Moved part n parcels, dogs n cats about 400 miles down the road to New Mexico.

Here's my new neighborhood; Central New Mexico.
The puppy dogs sure seem to like it....

Here's the new van I bought in Arizona to take all
my parties and parcels to our New Home, New Mexico.
She runs like a Rolex, and I'm keeping her.  Yes, I'm now Vehicularly Spoiled Rotten.

Here's my good ole HellDell,  loving it's brand new ISP and new desk.  This is the 'Front Room' of my new house, and my favorite room on account of it's the sunniest.  I'm still Moving In,  buying U-Build-It furniture and all the accourterments one needs to set up a house and make it Home.

(Look closely at the left foreground above, you'll see one half of my kitty Curly Joe.  Cats dig it here too)

I like it here, think I'll stick around. There's lots more to say but I'm pretty tired tonight.. I hiked about 5 miles with the dogs today and just plain road-tripped all around my new neighborhood. Stay tuned; there's lots going on!

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SidDawgone said...

Yay yay yay for you sistersan! Ya done good girl! The place looks perfect!