Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'My House, Is A Very Very Very Nice House..'

Thanks, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, for the paraphrased title!
 I'm busy moving into here: That's my Bedroom window, and a Jacuzzi area
just begging for a Jacuzzi. Feel free to offer one, hehe.

The Front Door
 (which is actually the Back Door)
is just to the left, along with a Carport for my new van. Wow.

C'mon in! Glance right, and glory in my awesome Computer Wall;

(I'm really jazzed. And of course, still moving doo-dads & knick-knacks around.
This is my favorite room in this house, know why?


Up one step and to your left, is my kitchen. No windows though, and yes,
I could have tidied the last few details before I photoed but noooOOOooo, not me!
(In my own defense, I was REALLY busy hooking up stereo, printer, and computer parts. I DO keep a very clean kitchen!)

Through the kitchen to the right, is My Room. Wow; beats hell out of
sleeping on a pallet on the floor for the last 20 years!

Turn around, and you see the Living Room. And the Back Door, which is actually a Front Door! There's 2 Guest Bedrooms on that end, and a 2nd Bathroom.

OK, it's a Work In Progress. I'm nowhere near 'done' moving in, I was just very excited to have gotten a Memory Card for the camera that my BFF, (Best Friend Forever) Former FarmNeighbor Sue had given me for Christmas.

This morning I finally managed to hook up my stereo to my computer(s) and got to listen to both Internet Radio, and my own beLoved tunes. I was inspired!
'I am GORGEOUS, and the weather is here..' it's been shorts, flipflops, and the possibility of Sunburn for this ole desert rat-ette. (I'm up nearly 2,000 ft
higher than I used to be at the old Maggiez Farm in Arizona.)

I'm a Happy Camper, and loving my new neighborhood. I'm meeting some Cool
Neighbors, sampling Local Cuisines, and taking some fantastic Day Trips looking
around this area.
What took me so dang long to get here, eh??


SidDawgone said...

And all the pics are fab!

taza said...

Hey Magz!
Where you is?
Lookin' good, very good. Glad to say i still recognize your feet, propped up infronta the camera!