Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Place To Put My Stuff

All the good and bad,
Things I've Learned From Everyone! Like Jeff Bridges as
The Big Lebowski..

To John Lennon as himself:

To all the Lessons Learned, right here on the Farm.

It's really all just different parts of Life, you know?

What's got me going today is the Thank Yous that I owe some very good Internet Friends!

Really: I've been offline for a long time, and when I got back Online?
I had some Major Problems, and still do, tho it's working out thanks to the help of some friends I've never even met in person.

I spent nearly 2 yrs offline, looking for and asking from
Everyone I've ever known for some Help.

I got it from my Neighbors, who had no reason to help atall: they just heard me when I asked. They made me Work for their help, and I thank them every single day since then for making me work to help myself.

When I got back online? I took it real easy... working my way back towards where I'd left off,
Thinking I was an Internet Cool Chick.

And I found the Help I needed, from old friends that I'd never asked for help from before. TY, my very-most helpfuls!
Dave from St Louie? You ROCK, dude. Levi from Texas? You're the Son I almost had.
Mike from Michigan? You're helping me more thaN YOU KNOW!


This is my first (of what's bound to be many) real Thank Yous.

Between you, and you, and you and me... we're bound to get me totally straitened out back here on da 'Net...

And I Thank You. I, Maggie Baker thanks you, and Maggiez Farm thanks you!

I really love how this works. Fuck the Flowers For Algernon, here's Flowers For All.

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