Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from Dusk to Dawn or, I STILL NEED A GEEK

Ok, I just watched THAT movie. Again.

It hasn't lost a bit of it's original power over me, despite the fact I haven't seen it since before my Dad died.
(He acquired it somehow-somewhere while he lived in AZ, and I remember watching it with him there.)
He liked it, and rocked out to some of the Zombie/Vampire scenes.)

I like it too, maybe even more Today than I did back then.

But I open here with a digression.
I'm really just here to tell y'all that living in New Mexico really ROCKS! Here's why:
1.) Old Beatles songs sound awesome when they are cranked up LOUD.
(Thanks Norm & Susie, for the download/rips)

(Geek Need #1: I am still fucking with my Stereo>Desktop>Laptop connections.)
Here's a 2 minute old pic of my desktop/'puter corner.

Note the tall, unopened beer. The new Coozie, saying 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
is no match for NATURAL STUPIDITY'
The paper and pens and pencils.
(I make a lot of notes, mostly for the next Book.)

Observe the stack of plain old CD-RW disks I was attempting to burn today.
Look at the headphones!
See the laptop open, only to play the music I've been transferring by disk and stick from the desktop. (I'm having Big Probs playing archives

Explain to me why I can't get the original desktop to play the music that's on it.. and while you're at it, explain why the desktop lost about half the great tunes I had stored on it.

Find me a Geek, who works Rural, or Remote. I'll pay. Cash.

Or just slap me upside the head and remind me that eventually.. I'll figure it out myownself. After all; I'm unemployed, and I got time!
Who CARES if it takes me 27 hrs to learn something that someone else coulda shown me in about 30 seconds, eh?

Meanwhile, since you wanted to know, I'll say ALL'S WELL, and I'm PFG (pretty fucking good) in my new home.
I'm Living, Loving, Eating, Exploring, playing guitar,
singing, dancing, and writing again.
Life is Here.. Wish You Were Beautiful.

John Lennon Said...
just about everything I'd like to, and probably better than I ever will.

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