Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh, Okay

This is for my Aunt Mimi.

Here's my Dear Neighbor's dog, Buddy. Buddy. Buddy-Dawg is cool!

He's sitting in my van in my driveway, sharing Love with me.

My Dear Neighbor's been sitting here too.. sharing BIG Love and
helping me get over some Big Losses.

My Neighbor Kay, is a New Mexico Treasure to me. She is an Ornery Ole Broad, and just what I needed.

I really love Neighbor Kay, more than I can say.
She Hosted a Suprise Birthday Party for me last month!!
(It was AMAZING: I don't think I've ever had a Suprise Party before)

She then proceded to drag my Reluctant Ass to a local Happening last weekend,
and introduced me to a friend of hers that does Animal Rescue.

(There is no local Animal Control around here, usually strays just disappear.)

This is the result of Kay's intro:
(Like I said, Kay ROCKS!)

A Lost Dog, needing Foster Care,
Who suddenly sorta moved into my Family and became Mine.

Meet Mickey, my new dog. Me and the only 2 left of my original Family
(The young dog Marshall & the Arizona Kitty named Curly)

just love her, she's a Sweetie.
Here's Curly, just loving a new dog in the Family.

You can see by the cat's face that he's just THRILLED about a new dog, huh!

The Dog Now Known As Mickey is mellow, smart, young, and already spayed.

She needs more Grooming, tho she's had her 1st bath, her 1st walk on a leash, and her 1st car ride with me in the last 3 days since I've sorta owned her
and she's really Owned me.

My young/dumb(?) Genuine Salvation Dog, Marshall..
seems to like her a lot. He needed a friend,

As did I.

It seems pretty amazing to me, that no matter how hard that God slams the doors in your face,
he seems to always leave a screened window easily accessible.

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kikokoa said...

Thank you Maggie, Looks like the perfect cure for broken heart,and a wonderful addition to your family.
Hope the it is working well for all of you. Love you!