Monday, August 1, 2011

I'd Like to Tell You About a 'GIG'..

Magz Definition: 'GIG' = Job, Potential. Work Commitment. Money-Making Opportunity???)

But first! Here's a really Kool Kat.
This is Mr. Curls: my only surviving AZ kitty, Curly Joe.

an awesome Pal. He does the 'Cat Thing' better than most cats do.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about my latest Gig, a possibly Lucrative Gig that's now residing on a website called Fiverr, HERE is a really off-the-wall place that I stumble across occasionally whilst Browsing.

(I LOVE the Internet! Where else can you find goofy stuff like this, eh?)

It IS for Real: it's all about sharing with others what YOU would do for
five dollars, or what you'd be willing to pay someone five dollars to do for you.

Well, Fans,
I'd like to make 5 dollars. Or even In My Dreams, have my Gig go viral and make a whole bunch of 5 dollar bills.
MY Gig is right HERE

My 'gig' is the Same Ole Thing I've Always Done. Talking to/for/about Animals.

Trying to do what I do this way, I just might be able to earn 5 bux from each and every Person that I can't actually see for Real, yet can contact virtual.
(After all? Talking about Animals is what I do best!)

So: Both of you who still read this blog? Would you consider promoting this Gig?

Since I don't 'do' Facebook, or Twitter, or even the newest 'Hot Thang' Google+,
I either have to PAY one of these Fiverrs to Tweet this for me,

Or come back to you, my good ole outdated Blog Network pals, and ask you to spread
the word about a cute, neat, fun way to 'hear' your own pets, as filtered thru a Pro Animal Trainer.
(I really do need to make a little $, and this is a very Personalized way to do so)


In Other News,

Life is kind of strange. New Mexico is pretty, but it's a hard place to make a
Living in.

My New Dog Mickey is a fine Dawg, and a blessing. She helps my last, leftover
Original Dog, Marshall Mathers,
and they seem to get along just dandy.
(Even when Mr. Marsh-Moosh, aka Slim Shady, seems to have the 'Laser Eyes' )


The only other NewsWorthy thing that I have going on is just this:

I've so far successfully raised a baby wild bird that my neighbor found in his
yard nearly a month ago.
I'm a Bird-Mom.

This Dude's name is Ak-Kak, and he appears to be a Grackle bird.

I can tell you he's loud, obnoxious, and probably related to Crows and Mynahs.

( I'm having Fun, raising him )


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