Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's About Life: Here's The Question

Looking back at your own, beLoved and Important Life,

Would you call yourself a Good Example,
or a Cautionary Tale?

I'm musing upon the differences of Life Experiences.

There's a lot going on in my own Life right now, and I'm struggling to make
sense of it all.

There's the simple, and immediate stuff like Love, Survival, and Futuristic Plans,
then there's the regular shit going on in most folks' lives like
Regrets, Worries, and the so-far unworkable desire to change History, or at least the longing to do so.
( I try not to worry about it too much myself)

Cie la vie, cie la gar...  I believe that the Past is Immutable.
(Other than the ability to learn from it.)
comes from the realization that most Folk feel the same now and then.

I'd fix the World if I could!  But it's pretty cool to figure out that I CAN, fix myself now and then.

(The above rant is brought to you by...?  Just Situations, and Conversations.  I now return you to the
Regular Magz)

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