Friday, June 3, 2011

My Kid Was Right: My Big, OLD, Dog Is a Pussy!

Finally, it's been Proven.

They can fight, HARD, WITH EACH OTHER!!

My 2 Dawgz, AZ born n bred, are the real Rott(on) Sisters, who have have lived together all their looong Doggie lives (12 and 11 years) together with me.

They lived Mostly Peacefully, Forever Protectively, Always Alertly, Occasionally Grouchy, but always always BONDED to each other and me.

My Son's #1 Choice dog, Holly-Davidson-Doomus,
(my #1 dog Blanche's Little Sister dog)

totally WON the Serious Unexpected Fight today,
drawing much blood. Everywhere.

(These dogs have always lived together, loved each other and me,
and my Son.
Yet my son has always told me this Ultimate Dominance Fight could happen eventually, and probably would.)

Some real icky/squicky blood came from me, while I was jumping into the fight to stop it, and a bunch more gooey, gory stuff came from
my aging, pushy bitch of a Blanchedawg,
the Big Sister who most likely started it.

We had a big dog fight today.
We had a BIG dog fight today!

(It's changed everything about how the Sisters relate to each other, for the first time in a long, long time)

I'm really thankful that the old bitch Blanche still has 2 eyes, and that I still have at least
9 or 10 fingers:
that was a fight to the near death between those two.

I'm really really happy that there was a Dear Neighbor here to help me separate
them when they got into it, because it happened faster and more viciously then I ever imagined it could:
Sister Dogs, FINALLY fighting for Dominance.

I can't believe how tough my Neighbor was backing me instantly,
and how hard we both had to work to remove Teeth from Skin, owww.

Sigh. All three (four?) of us Original Farm Gals are old, and really didn't need this Drama, yanno?

Still, I can't shake the feeling that it was totally all MY FAULT for getting stressed and passing it on to my own beLoved famb, my Dawgs.

Now I really have to ask myself, 'Is this going to happen again?'
and So It Goes.

Here's my last picture of my beLoved Smitty-Kitty, who's been missing for a week today. Call her Gone, not by her own choice; she'd never leave on purpose.

Her Bro, the Curly Kitty remains, and is cool. He's underfoot even as I type. We both miss Smitty, BAD!


UPDATE, 6-17-2011

The damn dogs fought again. Worse.
They both did Major, tho possibly repairable damage to each other.
This cannot be allowed to ever happen again.

It freaked all 3 of us old broads, and I made the hardest choice of my life:
I chose NOT to shoot them myself, but to haul them to a Vet for Euthanasia.
Both of them. Going Down, Together, within seconds of each other.
$275.00, 197 lbs of dead-dog meat and a lot of heartbreak later....

They've now joined every other Good Dog In Heaven as of last week. Together in death, just as they'd always lived.

My heart is squashed like old roadkill.

R.I.P. Blanche Dog-bois and Holly Davidson. Your legacies live on in books, blogs, and pages. You were loveable puppies, and really truly awesome Dogs.
I am thankful to have known you, Love, magz


kikokoa said...

Just read your recent blogs-I'm soooo
sorry. How tragic.
Love, Aunty Mimi

MKP said...

Ahh Magz, this breaks my heart.
I am very sorry girl. The dogs were beautiful.
Remember on the next go round, YOU are the Alpha in the group. I know this could not have been easy.