Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Long Live Landlords, it's Toilet Fixing Tuesday!

I am, THAT tired again despite the fact I'm pretty much over the last Multiple Sclerosis episode I lived through recently. TIRED! As in drag assy low energy bottomed out whup dawggie too pooped to pop. Wore out on a windy day .A bit beat. A not unfamiliar state of affairs for me.. just one I'd hoped to leave in the past for at least another few months. I didn't EARN this with work; just worry

I suspect this particular episode has much more to do with mental efforts than with physical outputting although I did exercise a bit today while running errands.
I've been talking with my landlords Live and In Person while they attempt to fix or replace my toilet today.
This is an ongoing problem that I, as a Logical Fixer Sort saw as a problem with a simple resolution:  REPLACE A 50 YEAR OLD TOILET!
Instead, my genuinely NICE landlords have chosen to spend many many hours of labor, time, and gas money attempting to  repair A 50 YEAR OLD TOILET!
It's not going to work, no matter how often they try.  They've torn out the nice floor, they've bought many small parts, and they have wasted many hours over the past 6 months trying...  and it was  still leaking this morning.  On THEIR floor, in THEIR house that I pay rent for.  They finally seemed to hear me, and promised they'd be out to REPLACE it today. Yay.

All I ever dreamed of was a toilet that didn't rock precariously every time you sat down or got up, and didn't cause damage to their floors by leaking.  Is that an Impossible Dream?

So I chose not to be here earlier today since I actually thought we understood each other, and I did NOT want to seem like I was anxious, or hovering. Of course I left them a note apologizing for my temporary absence, and promised to return, hopefully at the end of repairs.  They hadn't given me an exact ETA, and since I hadn't heard from them by 11:00 am I left to do my errands.

I got back about 2 pm.  To find Major Repairs going on.  They had brought this lovely used white toilet to replace the old green one with....
And it wasn't installing well.
So I sat.  And I visited.  And I discussed many many landlordy/businessy kinds of things with the Mrs Landlady while the Mr. Landlord wrestled with two old toilets, neither of which was installing well.

Time passed.  I played Hostess, serving drinks and snacks.  Truly the wind blew like a MoFo, and I mostly kept her outside with me while I smoked cigarettes and left him to do his handyman plumbing.  I excused myself long enough to slip into the garden area to take a pee, and offered her toilet paper if she needed to do the same.  THREE HOURS (and a lot of water-over-the-porch) LATER...

He reinstalled the 50 year old toilet.  And told me it was cool now.

Hey!  It's not rocking, I know because I've sat on it since they left!

This Tale of Toileting Tuesday explains why I am Tired.

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