Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My neighborhood.

Cow Ponds and Contemplations

So I did the secret/mystery cow pond yet again today and I realized something.  It's about the only place in my world where I can actually THINK, while doing nothing else but thinking!  Sure, I still think I need a beer to do it,
  But I turned off the phone.  Left my book half read.  Shifted my lawn chair to follow the sun, and followed the dogs at a leisurely pace while they tracked and sniffed whatever interested them.  (We watched little fishies jump for bugs, and spooked up some pretty big frogs).

This was a semi-revelation to me today-  that I can just sit, and just stroll, and just think.  It's been way too long since I was able to do this. I have, a very busy brain that's used to multi-multi tasking.
 I am the Person Who Reads, lots.  If I'm not holding a book in my hands,  I'm reading on the Internet. If I'm not actively reading someone's writings, I'm watching something that I feel is very smartly written!  And I am easily bored, or worse I am angered by stupid writing, and stupid thinking.

I try to tie all this together so that it makes sense;  it's the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.

I know that some folks consider me lazy or under inspired.  I also know that those who believe that? Really don't have a true conception of what my life IS. (I think my Purpose here, is to mostly figure myself out-  when that's done?  I'll have some solid advice to others if they request, need, or want it) 

 I will also be uneasy and ashamed at myself for believing that  I have a right to share my opinions, that belief is probably the worst thing that's ever come out of social living. Really!  My guess is that you can explain almost everything wrong with the world just that simply-  Somebody pushed their opinion.

I think I am a Philosopher, not the first or the fiftyith or the five hundredth,  just another who sees much (not all), thinks deeply, and tries to make sense of an ever confusing world.

I know I like Nature-  it's the truest religion or philosophy I know.  I've never met an animal who cared about elections.  I've never seen the weather change for someone's convienience.

And I've never felt more Peace, and Love, and Contentment than I have when I hang around a cow pond.  It's my world, and it suits me.

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